5. What is the first-line treatment of an elderly patient wi…

5. What is the first-line treatment of an elderly patient with atrial fibrillation and why? Discuss why this is the preferred pharmacological therapy. 6. Upon the patients’ one year checkup you have diagnosed them with anemia and have started an oral iron supplement. Discuss the formulation of the medication that is best for this age group and monitoring parameters regarding future labs. Give adequate patient education regarding starting this new medication including tips on medication adherence. 7. Discuss why H-2 Blockers should be avoided in elderly patients with delirium. 8. The advanced practice nurse is discussing treatment options with a parent regarding a UTI in a 16 year old patient. This patient is allergic to penicillin and sulfa medications. What is an appropriate course of action for this patient? What other information needs to be gathered and what treatment plan would you send them home with?
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