5 essay type questions in my measurement and evaluation class

5 essay type questions in my measurement and evaluation class

Purpose: We have spoken in detail about validity and reliability of assessments used for measurement and evaluation of student performance. A study of the Functional Movement Screening is an opportunity for you to synthesize the major talking points from classroom discussions while analyzing the arguments (for/against) the efficacy of the Functional Movement Screening during measurements in both clinical and student-athlete measurements. The purpose of this exam is to synthesize key constructs of Functional Movement Screenings in effort to make decisions regarding prevention/intervention strategies used in physical activity promotion.
Directions: Complete the following items (5 pts each):
Section I: Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Literature/Notes

Summarize the intent for functional movement screening. In your response, include the following:

What are the underlining assumptions of all functional screenings?
How should all functional movement screenings be interpreted?

Section II: Compare/Contrast of Functional Movement Screening (FMS) (2 pts each).
Conduct a literature review in an effort to find a similar screening test as the FMS and then report the following:

Who is the author?
What is the purpose of the screening?
What is the validity and reliability of the screening you selected?
What are the underlying assumptions?
How does the screening that you selected compare/contrast to the FMS?

Section III: Research and Assigned Reading: Functional Movement System-Read the section located on Moodle (Gray’s10 principles) AND locate readings from outside sources that are relative to FMS. Be sure to cite and reference all sources. Address the following (10 pts):

Regarding Gray’s 10 Principles of functional movement, what do the proponents say in support of his system?
Likewise, what do the opponents say who are in opposition?
What are reported weaknesses of the FMS?
What are reported validity concerns of the FMS?
What is the reported reliability of FMS?

What does a score of <14 indicate?
With a score of 1 on the lunge and deep squat screenings, what area of health related or skill related fitness do you suspect might be the deficiency in each?
Report an activity designed to improve each of the deficiencies you indicate.
Locate an activity using Functional Movement Systems that might also aid in the development of fitness
Apply one training principle to your activity for fitness improvement

Section IV: Application: Complete the following:

Charles was given a Functional Movement Screening and the results indicated a composite score of <14. Specifically, he scored a 1 on the Deep Squat and a 1 on the Lunge screenings. The Deep Squat had indications of compensation to avoid falling forward. The Lunge screening indicated compensation for weight distribution on the front leg. Charles indicated no pain or injury. Using this information, complete the following (10 pts):

Section V: Promotion of Health and Fitness
Health and fitness promotion is often an appropriate consequence of performance measurements (criterion or norm referenced) deployed by the physical educator in public schools or health practioner in clinical settings. After considering the assessments discussed in class, comment on the following (10 pts):

What health or fitness screening(s) do you feel are necessary for K-12 public school students in an effort to protect/promote the public’s health?
What information should students glean from the results of each of those measurements?
Your Opinion: What can physical education programs do to promote health and fitness in their communities as a result of movement/fitness/health screenings? What can programs do to help communicate the results of health/fitness measurements to parents?

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