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Finding a Way to Reduce Health Insurance Costs
As part of the management team at Bank of Westfield, you want to help your employees improve their health and reduce their health costs at the same time. Because the Bank of Westfield is a small company, it is at greater risk from rising health costs than are larger firms. Individuals with health problems have always paid more for health insurance. However, federal law requires that all employees covered by employer insurance programs must pay the same premium. That means that those with poor health cannot be charged more for insurance than those with good health. Recent legislation, however, has allowed some exceptions if employers offer wellness programs.
Working with its insurance carrier, the Bank of Westfield developed a plan that would enable employees to reduce their deductible $500 for each health benchmark the employee reached. For example, a nonsmoker receives a $500 deduction in the overall deductible of $2,500. Other benchmark categories are cholesterol, body mass index, and blood pressure. If the Bank of Westfield can persuade employees to meet benchmarks in these areas, employees can reduce their deductible by $500 for each benchmark. This should help quiet the grumbling that resulted last year when the insurance deductible jumped from $500 to $2,500.
All of the benchmarks are explained in a brochure provided by the insurance carrier. To get employees started, the Bank of Westfield wants them to fill out an application (before January 15) to see a fitness counselor who will develop a customized fitness plan for each employee who signs up. The company will provide literature, fitness programs, and counseling to help employees meet their benchmarks.
Your tasks:
1. List and Describe the 3×3 writing process needed for this persuasive message. Be sure to list each step and sub-step, and show how you would use each step to create your message. It must be specific to your message and walk through each step and sub-step.
Hint: Three phases and three elements for each phase. PDR, AAA, ROD, EPE.
2. List and Describe the strategy needed for this type of message. Be sure to outline the specific structure of this message and tell me why you chose this strategy.
Hint:Indirect, AIDA
3. Write the message. For the signature of Melissa Mendoza, Vice President, Human Resources, prepare a persuasive action request memo addressed to all employees. Mention both direct and indirect benefits. Anticipate obstacles and answers to them. Close with an action request. Tell exactly what you want the receiver to do, and provide an extension number for anyone who has questions.

Use the Memorandum format; Date, To, From, and Subject.
Refer to page 227 in the textbook to help you format.
Do the math. $2500 – $500 for each benchmark category will be your selling point.
Should be 4-5 paragraphs.

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