3 minute video essay

Answer these three (3) questions:

What does nursing mean to you, and why did you decide to pursue a career in nursing?
Describe any personal experiences and/or characteristics that you believe will make you a better nurse.
How do you see yourself impacting your community and/or the nursing profession upon graduation?

*I tried to create the essay, but I’m having a hard time, i dont think I’m answering the questions correctly. Here is a draft, I have to record a 3 min video answering those 3 questions

Coming from La Havana Cuba in a population of nearly 3,500 people in the 1980â€s. I am
very fortunate to be alive as we know in a country which was under communism, we had very
limited education. Although my grandfather was a Doctor in Cuba my parents made it their
primary obligation to get myself and my brother a better education in order to for us to have a
promising future. With that being said we migrated to the United States and became Legal
Sworn American Citizens. Iâ€ve always studied hard in school and had a passion for the medical
field as a young child and also have been uncertain as to exactly which field I wanted to major
in. Upon graduating from high school I began having children and caring for my kids felt
amazing. I never knew how much caring for someone aside from yourself could have an impact
on you.
I went on to work with a Diploma on EKGâ€s, I did this type of work for several years yet
I lack something. I felt the need to be more hands on with my patients where I could interact
more effectively. Yearning for more I enrolled myself for the nursing program to satisfy my
passion in the medical field. I desire to help those who are less fortunate to help care for
themselves in hard times like weâ€re currently facing today with the Coronavirus with the
education which will be taught to me throughout my school along with my personal experience
on having a miscarriage. I nearly lost my mind and soul, although I was educated enough to take
care of myself throughout my pregnancy. I never once imagined this could have happened to
someone who may have experience high volume of stress from work or school or perhaps it may
have been lack of vitamins. Well once everything had subside, I soon realized that yes I had just
got a new job and my stress levels were in fact really high causing extreme amount of stress on
the fetus. No unborn fetus (child) should have to go through such a horrific ordeal and this is my
mission a future nurse whether in the NICU or just in the ER I want to educate women in general
to pay attention to the minor factors in life that could cause damage to your physical well-being.
I truly believe that I will impact the live of patient, families along with loved ones in a
very impeccable way that they will forever remember my name and service rendered to them. I
plan on helping my community the best way possible especially in times of crisis like what weâ€re
facing today. Patientâ€s, families and friends needs someone in the medical field that they could
relate to, someone who has been on the opposite side and knows that there is someone there to
care for them in times like a pandemic, epidemic or just a common cold etc. My job is not only
to take vital signs but itâ€s to relate and understand my patients the best way that I can to better
provide the assistant needed.
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