2. In the eastern equatorial Pacic {east of about lu’W’} sur…

Please help me with this, explain your answer please. Thank You!!
2. In the eastern equatorial Pacific {east of about lfiflu’W’} surface water is warmerduring an El Nifio event than a La Nii’ia event, even though winds are easterlrlr inboth cases. This means that upwelling is still occun’ing in the Eastern Pacific duringboth El Nifio and La Hii’la events. Use the vertical structure of the equatorial thermocline [shown to the right] duringthe 2H1? Ei Nifio and Eli? La Niiia events to explain whv. Hint: the convergence I divergence frompart b. extends from the surface to about Him deep in the ocean. Monthly Data3’3 to 2‘1“ AVErage HH’E :lfllII’E 130′ ”Ill"! HM 1am rm November 2H1? Temp-enmre {T}“Walnut-“mm“ lip-“NIP

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