199(2). Answer 5 questions.

199(2). Answer 5 questions.

3-Day Mindful Nutrition Diary, 5 points
Step 1: Log everything you eat for 3 days

Be as detailed as possible
Include the times in which you ate
Notice how long the meal kept you full and satisfied
Reflect on how you felt after each meal and make notes of that

Step 2: Answers the following questions with a minimum of 5 sentences.
1.What eating patterns (good or bad) stood out to you the most during this exercise? Tell me about it.
2.Were there any meals you felt awesome after? Tell me about the meal and the experience. What is your takeaway?
3.Were there any meals you did not feel awesome after? Tell me about the meal and the experience. What is your takeaway?
4.How were you more mindful of your eating during this exercise?
5.What were your biggest learning lessons from this assignment? Please tell me at least 3 things you learned.

All of the above BE THE SOLUTION assignments will need an Authorization to Release and will not be given back to you (so make sure you keep a personal copy for yourself) as they will become the property of ASU and could be used to promote this class or be available on our web page.
The most important. Everything has to be original. Any kind of plagiarism cant be accepted.
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