10 15 page paper bluebook format with footnotes how unethical paralegal conduct negatively impacts a court case

I have also attached the assocaited proposal with professor feeback.
To successfully complete this course, you must research and write a final research paper. I will not accept any late submissions.
Your paper must be ten to fifteen pages long. As a minimum, it must have the following sections:
Title Page (same format that you used for the topic proposal in Week 2)
Table of Contents
Introduction (must contain your issue/thesis statement)
All citation will be done using footnotes in proper Bluebook format. Your list of references at the end of the paper must also be in Bluebook format. You must have at least ten sources for this research paper. More is better. All sources must be reputable and scholarly. At least three must be primary sources of law. At least five must be peer-reviewed secondary sources. The remaining two minimum may be from sources such as magazines or newspapers. You may not use sources such as Wikipedia.
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