1. What changes occur in the skin with aging? a. Elastic fib…

1. What changes occur in the skin with aging?a. Elastic fiber:b. Adipose tissue:c. Melanocyte:d. Hair:e. Sebaceous glad activity:f. Senile purpura:2. What causes the skin to have different colors? List medical term of the colora. Pale (pallor):b. Red ( ):c. Purple ( ):d. Blue ( ):e. Yellow : ( ):3. How to assess temperature of skin and why:4. Why would a person have diaphoresis?5. What is the difference between +2 edema and +4 edema?6. What is the difference between Petechiae and Ecchymosis?27. How is clubbing of the nails assessed and who is at risk of having clubbing?8. How do you assess capillary refill and what time is good. What does it mean if capillaryrefill is greater that 5 seconds?9. Primary lesions: match the lesion with the definition and list an example of each___ Macule : example-___Papule: example-___Vesicle example-___Wheal example-___Pustule example-___Nodule example-___Patch example-___Plaque: example___Keloid example___Fissure: examplea. Hypertrophic scar: elevated scar tissue, rubbery.b. Flat and round colored.c. Papules to form surface elevation, dead epidermis (dry exfoliation).d. Slit or crack like sore.e. Solid elevated obvious raised border, 1 cm in diameter.f. Macules that are larger than 1 cmg. Elevated, round, filled with serum, 1 cm.h. Elevated solid mass, extends into deeper tissue.i. Elevate, irregular border, free of fluid.j. Elevated, raised border, filled with pus.10. What is the normal aging process of the Eye?a. Eyelid:b. Refractive changes: presbyopiac. Vitreous body:d. Depth perception:e. Arcus senilus:311. Explain how to assess the eye:a. Positionb. Eyebrows:c. Eyelashes:d. Eyelids:i. Ptosisii. Proptosisiii. Nystagmuse. Conjunctivef. PERLAA (spell out what it is) and how to assess it12. What chart did the nurse use to assess a patient to have 20/40 vision in both eyes andexplain what 20/40 means.13. What is the different in the Jaeger chart and Polychromatic plates?14. Match the following:_____Position test_____Tonometry:_____Visual Field:_____Amsler Grid:a. Measures peripheral vision and detects gaps in the visual field.b. The examiner instructs patient to stare at the central fixation spot and to report distortionof the squares.c. Measures intraocular pressure.d. To assess eye muscle strength. Moves object through six cardinal positions in a clockwisedirection.15. How do you assess position of the ears?416. To assess inside the Adult Ear, how would the ear be placed?17. While talking to the patient, how would the nurse know if a patient is hard of hearing?18. What data supports the normal assessment of the lips and mucous membranes?19. What assessment is abnormal for the tongue?20. There are 3 important area to assess on the neck, explain each onea.b.c.21. There are 2 sinus area on the face to assess. Name them and what is considered a normalfinding?
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