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Although it may seem like a thing of the past when crime dominated the news headlines with riots, cities burning, drug wars, and escalating homicide rates, in recent times some have felt that those problems are over; however, according to the “Third Way Report,” four new and growing sociological trends are now emerging at an alarming rate, threatening the safety and welfare of all Americans. Read: A Third Way Report — The Impending Crime Wave: Four Dangerous New Trends and How to Stop Them [PDF file size 575 KB]
Also read the BIS Special Report: Effects of NIBS on Crime Statistics [PDF file size 141 KB]
After reading the assignments and lectures and viewing the PowerPoint presentations and video above, you have a better understanding of the various types of crime reports, the trends, and what is true and what is misleading or false concerning crime spikes. For this discussion, aIDress the following question:
Are dangerous societal trends being captured in CUR/NIBS or CVS programs? Explain why or why not. Please reference and cite your readings and viewings in support of your responses. After your initial posting of least 125 words, read and reply to at least TWO other postings made by your classmates with substantial responses that further the discussions. Remember to read and reply to questions from your instructor.
Discussions in total account for 20% of your grade and are graded according to the discussion board rubric [PDF file size 41.2 KB].
Keep the following in mind when making your posts to the discussion area:
Did you complete all of the elements required in your initial discussion post? Did you respond to the initial posts of at least two of your fellow students? Did you acknowledge those who responded to you, including questions from your instructor? Were all of your posts made on time? That is, was your initial post made before Midnight Eastern Time on Thursday, and were your follow- up posts made before Midnight Eastern Time on Sunday? Compose your work using a word processor and save it, as a Plain Text or an .rt, to your computer. When you’re ready to make your initial posting, please click on the “Create Thread” button and copy/paste the text from your document into the message field. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it.

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